Earth Friendly Football

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

As a football fan, I’m pleased to say that the NFL is making some big strides to set itself in a more sustainable direction. The Philadelphia Eagles franchise announced recently that it is moving forward with its plan to install solar panels along its stadium, which should provide more than 6 times the amount of energy required for a regular season’s use. According to reports recently released, the Eagles have officially signed a contract with NRG Energy from Princeton (shout out to Princeton!), and will have completed the installation by the end of the year. More than 11,000 solar panels will be installed along the walls of the stadium, as well as some along the top of the building and dispersed throughout the parking lot.

Among other teams that are gearing up to make similar sustainable changes in the coming years are the NY Giants and New England Patriots. The Redskins already boast 8,000 panels on their stadium and the Seahawks have invested in solar as well.

This is great news, in my opinion. Not only will NFL stadiums become more sustainable and energy friendly, but it will send a message to all the football fans out there that solar power is a doable alternative to other energy sources. While the stadiums definitely require a lot of energy for each game, the biggest impact will be the message the panels send to the millions of viewers who tune in every weekend and the fans who visit the stadium. Score!

P.S. To Massachusetts residents: speaking of renewable energy, did you know that NStar utility company provides customers the opportunity to select energy generated from wind turbines? Although the pricing goes up a little bit, it ends up being a very negligible increase, and it’s worth the investment in clean energy!


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