June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

The word purity is defined as, “the condition or quality of being pure; freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, pollutes, etc.” I would like to advocate purity for our planet, for the earth that sustains us and yet is harmed by us every day. I am not arguing that we must revert to pre-industrial times, or even a pre-civilized time. But what I do want to advocate is an embracement of our planet as a nourishing source for our own well-being; a caregiver that we are thoughtlessly ignoring in lieu of other, and seemingly more substantial, interests.

As a student, I feel that I still have the potential to learn a lot about the environment and bring about change. The future is before us, but we must learn to prepare for it adequately and responsibly. I believe that for the first time, we have a powerful generation upon us that is open to ideas about climate change and eager and willing to fight for change. This gives me great hope that we can make even greater strides in the future to fight for the right legislation and do things on a local and personal level to minimize our harmful impact on the environment. We are the ones who have the most to lose unless we accept our responsibility to act.

Therefore, this blog is an attempt to grapple with the complicated facts surrounding climate change. Although I am studying Environmental science in college, I know there is always more to learn and more to discover. Hopefully through this blog I will learn many new things, and perhaps even teach others about interesting facts, stories and truths that are out there and not as evident as they could be.


And remember, always embrace purity.


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